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MAYGLOBE by Tribaluxe (メイグローブバイトライバラクス)

Oval Vizu Escape/Clip-on earringss

Oval Vizu Escape/Clip-on earringss

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Clip-on earringss or earrings

Bijou piercing/earrings that glow individuality. Become a pre -bride or guest as a wedding accessory.
A large bijoux in the middle is a point design.
It has a small presence while being small, and a moderate accent of coordination.
It is an oval type and is easy for anyone to wear.

■ Specification
Size 2.5 x 2.3cm
weight one ear: 2.7g (earrings+0.6g)
Material Base: coating on chiffon/ brass (nickel -free)/ glass stone, glass beads, polyester, titanium post (earrings), rubber (earrings)
Please note Because it is made by hand, there are individual differences. Clip-on earringss (earrings) may have some differences in size and shape on the left and right. We have been inspected twice in Japan and ship it as a good product.



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配送料:本州・四国・九州 660円~ 北海道・沖縄・各地離島 1430円~ (ご注文商品のサイズによって異なります)


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