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Labradorite necklace

Labradorite necklace

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The point necklace is the deep color of Labradorite.
It is a doubled chain and a feminine atmosphere. The design is easy to match the calm coloring of natural stone. It has a chic and mature atmosphere, so it's fashionable just to add to a simple tops.
[Natural stone is cute] A cute adult design using natural stone. Even as a charm access with the effect of the power stone. Color and size feeling that can be the point. For adult casual outfits. It is a praised necklace with a fashionable degree of fashion.
[Active in various scenes] Simple, but if you put it on, it will improve your fashion. Easy to match any coordination and can be used on and off. Accessories that make you want to put on a suit and casual image every day with an adult image.
[Accessories that are pleased with gifts] A design that does not choose the target, it is recommended for celebration of graduation of enrollment in friends and family, fertilizer, birthday present, Christmas present and Mother's Day gifts.
■ Specification
Size Total length: 70.0cm (33.0, 35.0cm)
weight -
Material alloy / brass plating / Labradorite < / td>
Please note There are some errors in size and weight.



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配送料:本州・四国・九州 660円~ 北海道・沖縄・各地離島 1430円~ (ご注文商品のサイズによって異なります)


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