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Swarovski Crystal Glass Visu Bracelet

Swarovski Crystal Glass Visu Bracelet

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Luxurious bijou embroidery necklace that uses a lot of crystal glass of Swarovsky, a world -leading crystal glass brand, as well as Austria, who also works on the chandelier parts of Versailles and Opera Theater.
data-mce-fragment="1"> Visue is plenty, but embroidered in silk is light and stress-free.
Data-Mce-Fragment="1"> Swarovsky's crystal glass has a higher "shine" and "transparency" compared to normal glass, and decorates light from its transparency.
Data-mce-fragment="1"> Silk ball bracelets are carefully wrapped in silk one by one with wood beads one by one.
Data-Mce-Fragment="1"> Because it is a silk material, you can use it with confidence for people with metal allergies as you use it without worrying about the season. It can be easily removed.

A bracelet with a strong presence for simple coordination accents.

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Material Motif: Swarovski Crystal glass, glass, cotton, brass / Base: Silk / wood beads < / td>
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配送料:本州・四国・九州 660円~ 北海道・沖縄・各地離島 1430円~ (ご注文商品のサイズによって異なります)


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