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Metal parts Squid medium -mixed type 20 × 30mm 1 dust gold

Metal parts Squid medium -mixed type 20 × 30mm 1 dust gold

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MAYGLOBE BEADS & AMP; CRAFT (Maigrove Beads and Craft) Metal parts that are hand -made by Indian craftsmen.
Gold 20 × 30mm size Metal parts of medium Trend metal parts. Just attach the chain to make it a simple necklace or bracelet! Easy piercings are also recommended by connecting tassels! Because it is a matte color, it is an adult casual part that does not seem cheap.

■ Material


H4> ■ Number of entry

individual color

/h4> One point is one point, so there are some variations such as the appearance and size of the pattern.
Inspection is performed, but there are also scratches, burrs, dirt, defective items, and quantity for overseas products, so please refrain from purchasing more nervous people.



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配送料:本州・四国・九州 660円~ 北海道・沖縄・各地離島 1430円~ (ご注文商品のサイズによって異なります)


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